Inspired by Love
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“The call heard by the first Sisters is ever the same. Throughout the world it continues to raise up and assemble Daughters of Charity, who strive to rediscover at the source the inspiration and intuitions of their Founders, so that they may respond with ever renewed fidelity and availability to the needs of their time.”



As Daughters of Charity, we do not live our lives cloistered behind closed walls, but rather we live alongside those living in poverty, amongst our sisters and brothers on the margins of society, offering our simple and humble service to them. 

Whatever the task, at the root of it is our dedication to promote human development and to work with others to effectively address complex social issues.

Living out a life inspired by Love

As Daughters of Charity our life has three fundamental pillars…..

…….Given to God…..
                                  …… Community…….
                                                                       ……..for the Service of those who live in poverty

These three pillars are expressed in our daily lives.

Want to know more?

You may want to contact our Vocations Director, Sr Theresa Tighe, either by phone or email and discuss your questions with her.

Sister Theresa Tighe DC

Sister Theresa Tighe DC
Provincial House
The Ridgeway
Mill Hill
Tel. 0207 222 6485



...Given to God...

Our prayer and spiritual life is built on a relationship with God that overflows into the service Ministry of those who are in need. Community...

We support each other by living in community, our prayer together and our sharing a common call to serve Christ in His poor ones.  

...for the Service of those who live in poverty...

Our service to those who live in poverty takes many shapes, but our aim is always the same…… provide support and opportunities for society’s most vulnerable members that gives them the dignity they are entitled to as ‘Children of God’. 

Is this you? Would you like to chat to Sister Theresa?
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