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Joining Us - Steps in becoming a Daughter of Charity

If you are considering becoming a Daughter of Charity you will be invited to embark on the following journey.

Step 1 - Initial Inquiry

An opportunity to meet with the Vocations Director who will explore with you your eligibility to join the community…… Catholic women between the ages of 18 and 40 who are free from other commitments.

Step 2 - Accompaniment

This is a special time ‘getting to know each other’, where you will have the opportunity to share your faith story, deepen your prayer life and get to know the lifestyle and ministries of Sisters. 

Step 3 - Postulancy

You will be invited to live and work with the Sisters engaging in a life that is Given to God, in Community for the Service of people who are poor. When it is considered you are ready to make the commitment to become a Sister you will move on to the next stage.

Step 4 - Seminary

This is a special time of prayer, deeper reflection and study which will enable you to understand more fully God’s call to you and how you can respond to this call as a Daughter of Charity. The study of the Constitutions of the Company will enable you to integrate the values of service, your total gift of self to God and community living.

Step 5 - Sending on Mission

After this period of intense formation you will be ‘Sent on Mission’, living in a local community, serving those who live in poverty.

Step 6 - Vows

After a period of 5 to 7 years, you will be invited to submit a request to make Vows for the first time and confirm your total gift to God in the Company. The vows of the Daughter of Charity are renewed annually throughout the Company on 25th March.

Want to know more?

You may want to contact our Vocations Director, Sr Theresa Tighe, either by phone or email and discuss your questions with her.

Sister Theresa Tighe DC

Sister Theresa Tighe DC
Provincial House
The Ridgeway
Mill Hill
Tel. 0207 222 6485



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