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In Honour of Sr Agnes

In Honour of Sr Agnes

From the research of Dr Nicholas Evans, given in a short lecture at the unveiling of a plaque in honour of Sister Agnes in the Guildhall, Hull, we learnt that “Ada Valinda Walsh was born in Hull in 1896 at 110 Bruswick Avenue in Hull, the granddaughter of Irish cotton mill operatives.  Brought up in a strong Catholic household the family was large and eventually they moved to 75 Lowgate, next door to the Guildhall. William Wilberforce, the slavery emancipator and Ada were born a mile from one another.  Both were provided with a secular and religious education that formed the bedrock of their lives.  Aged 20 both became involved in social action. Whilst Wiberforce fought social ills including slavery, Ada committed her life to the Sisters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul.  Both travelled – Wilberforce around the UK and to Paris, and Ada around Britain, Ireland, what became Israel, and France.  Both ultimately died – as they had been born – a mile apart in the northern outskirts of London.  The former was accorded the highest honour in death, whilst Ada died relatively unknown.”


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