We contemplate Christ in the Gospel together in order to build a faith community day after day.

Life in Community

“We must be but one same body in several persons, united with the same end in view, for the love of God.”    St Vincent de Paul

St Vincent and St Louise considered life in community as being essential to our vocation as Daughters of Charity.  It is a vital support for our way of life. 

As Daughters of Charity our life together enables us to fulfil our mission of service. Belonging to a local community we live simply and joyfully together.

In community we share the joys and realities of everyday life.
Our Community life is built each day by our gift of self, our commitment and our prayer life. Our life together gives energy and enthusiasm………together, we can do more than any one of us could do alone.

Our faith vision creates bonds of friendship in which differences become mutually enriching; here compassion and kindness in our relationships become mutually supportive and a powerful means of evangelisation. 

Our relationships, centred on Jesus Christ, allow us to be credible witnesses of God’s mercy and tenderness to one another and to those we serve. 


Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul Care Homes

As Daughters of Charity in Great Britain, we care for our elderly  Sisters in our own Care Homes.

Each of our Care Homes is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Below are links to our CQC reports on each of our Care Homes.

Seton Care Home

St Vincent's