As Daughters of Charity we are committed to sharing the Good News of the Gospel with those around us who are carrying the poverties of this Third Millennium. We try to do this by our presence and through loving, practical Vincentian service



Sr EllenGreetings to you as you join us on the website of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul!

I welcome you warmly in the Spirit of St Vincent and St Louise about whom you will learn as you browse this site.  My name is Sister Ellen Flynn and currently my ministry is to lead the Province of Great Britain.  This site will explain to you that we are an international group, arranged in geographical Provinces.  We are Roman Catholic women who have committed our lives to serving people who experience poverty of many kinds, reaching out to those who are vulnerable in today’s society. We like to collaborate with any organisation sharing the same hopes and desires.

We live in Communities of prayer in order to support each other and our joint mission. I hope you will enjoy reading more about us and our people in these web pages.

Please stay and explore our story for yourself.  May God touch your heart and bless you in every way.

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